OKcupid question: why am I not getting several messages?

I am traditional and I dont message guys first. I have tried tinder and plenty of fish in the past and I would get at least 10 messages a day but on okcupid i get 1-2. Did anyone else have a similar experience? I am 24 years old and fairly attractive. Is the website not worth a try?

I dont use tinder because I bump into people I know or people with mutual friends and I find it a bit weird.


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  • Try a paid site imho.

    You mentioned you're a doctor, and my gut is a lot of guys will feel that they're below your standards unless they're reasonably successful financially. Successful enough they wouldn't bat an eye at spending for a paid dating site. The guys I know irl who have done online dating have used paid sites.

    • thanks.. will definitely consider that.


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  • why don't you just say fuck it and send a few messages?

  • Make sure u have more than one picture (a full body shot as well as a face shot)

    Maybe your profile has something off-putting in it.

    Make sure your age range is wide enough.

    • Yeah I thought about it too! I just had pictures of my face and I added a body shot few minutes back and I am getting more messages.

    • As guys... we are visual creatures. We want to get a good look at what your face and your body looks like! ;-)

      I will admit... if I don't see a body shot of a girl and only get face pics, I think she's hiding something.

    • haha thanks for being honest!

  • Maybe it's something in your profile? No way for me to just guess with any accuracy.

  • Life is too short to wait for others to come to you. Just gotta take a walk on the wild side!

  • From what I saw of OK Cupid the user base is much smaller than pof, which will result in less men messaging you. I actually didn't bother with it as I knew there weren't enough girls to message and make it worthwhile.

    • thanks! i felt that too

  • Instead of dating sites use direct approach and why can't you work with 1 or 2 msgs what u want variety?

    • where should i approach men? i am a doctor and i dont get time at all and most of the messages are from people from other countries.

    • No debate there i have seen doctors life. why don't u ask your friends to set you up. i have used okcupid not much luck there.

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