Is it normal to feel nervous that she might introduce me to her parents? I need some girl advice!?

So here is the deal. I met a girl and we hit it off great! We have been on 2 dates and its been great. one date was me and her then the second was with her and her friends and I brought a friend. the second date she told me she really likes me. I told her I really like her also. She invited me to a big Halloween party her and her roommate are throwing. Here is the problem. even though every thing is dandy she told me her parents are going to be showing up for just alittle to say hey and have a drink. I am nervous because dont you usually meet the parents months and months down the road. Is it normal to feel nervous that she might introduce me to them? Or should I not go? I am confused what to do.


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  • Perfectly normal reaction. Yeah, its a bit too early to meet them. However, since you guys just met, think of her as just a friend when u meet them, detach yourself from any feelings. Its just a Halloween party, so stay with that spirit.


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