How do you tell when a guy starts to get bored with a girl? How do you prevent it?


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  • When he stops giving facials.


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  • You prevent it by not being always available, answering his texts and calls immediately. And, I do not mean playing games. I mean - Get a life. Have other activities and interests you are pursuing. Still hang with friends. Do not make him your life and do not try and hang out with him all the time.

    Also, keep mystery in your relationship. Do not be an open book, telling him everything you did all day and boring him with minute details about everything. I know that might feel natural but then your partner starts to feel like they know everything about you and there is nothing left to intrigue them. Also, having a good sense of humor and not just going along with everything they say, but calling them out in fun or challenging them when they say stuff you don't agree with is good, as long as you are not being rude or argumentative.