Ever get close to dating someone but start getting nerves and thinking you shouldn't?

I've known this guy for a long time and we dated before in the past. In high school, he always wanted to get back together but I was very hesitate about it and then when he's with someone else I got little upset inside and wish I would just tell him how I really feel. That happened twice I think, now 7 years later its getting to that point where we could possibly be a couple again but im getting nerves and scared. I know I love him but I dont know why I hesitate to date him. He was a great boyfriend, he cared and he love me. But I feel like I get cold feet, is that even possible?
I look at him and think how happy we would be and how in love but tbh im scared of loving someone so much. I think I already do though... im scared that he could possibly be my truelove/soulmate, I don't want to lose him again but I dont know how to just let him in...


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  • all the fucking time :/


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  • He seems to be too be good to be true for you, right? I have been through that.