Why do stupid people like to attack other race/ethnic group of men (and women), especially their own when it comes to dating/relationship morals?

Now there's nothing wrong with having a preference of a particular ethnic group of men or women but to deem your preferred race of men (or women) as superior than the rest of the other races and then try to take a jab at your own race/ethnic group (by calling them woman-beaters, passive-aggressive, whores/sluts, macho, degenerate, etc.) is just plain fucking pathetic and hypocritical.


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  • Well it's easier to see the flaws in your own people but all races of men and women have the same flaws if you ask me.

    • Tell me about it. If a man or a woman is gonna take a jab at his/her own race/ethnic group of men/women, they take a good look at themselves first before they start their senseless and dumb criticism and their venting. As a Latino male, I've encountered plenty of Latinas on the internet who often bash men of their own ethnic group. My response to them was "Bitch please, as if you ladies are any better than us".

    • Yeah lol when it comes to the opposite sex you have to take the good with the bad. Regardless the race.

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  • I agree. Every group has plenty of people that do it too.