A 14 year old likes me?

There's a girl at school who I think is pretty hot. She likes 95% my photos on Instagram and on Facebook and looks at me a quite often. She was with her friend and they were looking at me and the girl and her friend started to move closer to my group of friends. She must have been looking at me because when I looked in her direction she looked away fast. Sometimes doesn't look at me and looks down with a little smile. I was talking to a guy in her class when I was walking back to my class and she was there. I didn't take much notice but her attention instantly went to me talking and I think she was smiling. Most days at lunch we look at each other but I don't approach her and even today all her friends stopped and looked at me at the top of the stairs for a second. I haven't actually spoken to her. I'm 99% sure she wants to get with me but the only problem is that she's 14 and I'm 17..

if you don't want to tell me here, inbox me


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  • that age gap isn't even that big compared to some peoples... haha, just strike a convo with her and see how it goesss :)


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  • Go for it! Don't worry about ages, age is just a number

  • she's too young for you bro


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  • It's fine; it's not like the age gap a huge. when you guys gets older it's common for people to be within a 5 year gap.

  • Get at her bro. She's not too young. Fuck that.