Crushing on my best friend?

My best friend is a guy. We have never met in person. We have known each other for a year. We talk every day on fb, Skype etc.
He lives in India and I live in Australia. We are planning a trip together next year sometime, so that we can finally meet and also so we can meet other mutual online friends.
I really like him as more than a friend, but my family will not approve esp. since they don't even like us being friends. They are racist, and I honestly don't understand how I have such totally different opinions about these issues when I have been brought up by these people but anyways..
I just don't know what to do.. Should we just stay friends? should I not do anything until we meet? Should I tell him? im just so confused..


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  • meet him first and see how things go. take it step by step, don't try to plan all the way to the end before anything has even happened yet.


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  • Be very careful if meeting him. You may not really know him at all. Cross cultural marriages have significant problems. You should research that first. Your parents are a little more wise to the world than you may be giving them credit for.

  • Just curious as to how you met him?


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