Women with successful career, or men with experience dating one, please help!?

This woman is around 30 to 35 and runs a real estate agency. I worked for a few years but now I am studying full time. I met her while I was looking for housing. We had very good interactions in our previous meetings and yesterday after completing the deal, she drove me to my next destination and we talked about meeting each other again. She is now in another city on holiday. I am not indebted or anyting, but she owns a Benz S430 and apparently doing extremely well financially. I have zero experience dating a woman like this. So,

1. Should I text her or wait till she is back and arrange a date? I am not sure if people with sucessful career like text chatting. At the same time I dont want to cool her off.

2. Any suggestion on the first private meeting? We live in a small city. I am thinking about a simple coffee date and prehaps a small walk.

3. When dating a woman who is ahead of you in life and career, what are the things that I should pay special attention to in order to make it work?

4. I just turned 25. I want to learn to date like a mature man. What suggestions would you give me?

Any input is appreciated. Thank you for reading it!


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  • I wouldn't treat her any differently than other girls in terms of like texting her or first dates or that kind of stuff , at her core she is just like any other girl her age. I have also meet girls like this over the years and have some experience dealing with them. one thing you should keep in mind is girls like this , tend to like descent trendy restaurants and hang outs , and are more likely to drink fine wines or more premium drinks from the bar , meaning don't try and take her to mcdonalds or order her a basic cheap drink.

    • Haha okay. Thank god we don't have many McDonalds here either. I guess I have to plan my financials more carefully to accommodate her then. Thanks!

    • well yeah if she has money, she's going to be used to doing things that involve money and not think much of spending money on them. like going to a pricey restaurant wouldn't be out of the ordinary for someone like her but us average joe's don't do that much these days


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  • Successful women like texting, chatting, and doing things just like any other person. Any goal-oriented person likes being with someone who is also goal-oriented. I don't think there's one particular thing to focus on, but in order to make it work just remember that she's into you for you, not your money, car, etc. I think it's important to just stay true to yourself while pursuing her. Being independent and able to think for yourself will probably work in your favor instead of hindering your future relationship with her.

    • Thank you for the advice. I guess I am a bit nervious because I really like her and don't want to screw things up. But you are right, being myself is the right way to go.

    • You're welcome. I understand how you feel.

  • Be confident and ask her out. You are in school so I am sure she does not expect to go to an expensive restaurant. Be mindful and treat her well. She will appreciate you.


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  • All I can say is if you snag her, never stop putting out...

  • Text her so that she knows you're interested. Successful or powerful women do not want timid indecisive guys.