How to tell him I don't want to just hookup?

I met this guy and we've been on a date and have been texting a lot. The problem is that we ended up sleeping togegher on the first date and now I'm worried he'll just think of me as a hookup. Is it too forward to tell him outright that I'm not interested in just hooking up with someone? I'm not looking for a serious relationship or anything, but I want more than just a casual hookup. Can I voice this to him or will it put him off altogether?


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  • How was the sex? Did you both have some great orgasms? I'm sure he will want to repeat it. Give him a call (no text) or better yet go for a walk together and tell him just what you typed. That you don't want anything serious but you want more than a hookup. How about a friends with benefits relationship have you given that any thought? Your thoughts?


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  • you jus had sex with him and you're worried saint you want to get to know him outside of sex is too forward, c;'mon be serious. just tell him. its a perfectly normal human type thing to do. and if he doesn't want to get to know you walk away. not worth it.

    good luck:)