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Hi everyone!! :) Im a details person! Love giving them away and receive them aswell... But of course sometimes I run out of ideas... This is the thing.. I just started dating this guy, really like him :) but he works a lot so he's really busy almost all day whenever he gets a chance he talks to me so its all good... I dont want to bother txting him in case he's on a meeting or something so I always wait for him to do it first... But I've been thinking that I should do something cool for him! Send him something that he would like but won't take to much of his time at work but have him thinking about me ! Any Ideas to share? :D Thank you!!


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  • bake him cookies and sent it! he can share them at work and maybe he'll appreciate the time and effort you spent on doing so

  • I think just one text during the day would be fine "I'm thinking about you and glad we're hanging out" or something.


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