Guys what is your response to girls wanting to talk?

I've been seeing my guy for a year and a half. He says he loves me and cares about me but we aren't exclusive. We need to define the relationship and decide if we are going to be together or not. I texted him saying I want to tell him how I feel and what I want so we should meet next week. He was really nice to me and said of course, sure. Then sent a smiley face. Why would he seem so happy? Is he okay with the fact that we may break up or is he trying to get me to not end it by being nice? Does he also want to talk? Why is he being so nice? Or is he hiding behind his nice words cuz he's nervous?


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  • He sent a happy face because he likes you and wants to accomodate your need to talk with him.

    I don't think he has all of those kinds of complex things on his mind.

    • So I shouldn't think he's happy to talk so we can break up? That sounds crazy doesn't it

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    • Took the crazy pill today. I don't do well with talking about my feelings

    • Do what you need doing, and there is no need to share your feelings with strangers. Work closely with your doctor.


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  • He may just be happy that you're going to be together for a little while... even if its just to talk

    • Like to see me?

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    • I would take it as a good sign

    • Thank you

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  • He must have been excited about the impending drama that could happen in your encounter :P

    • This is sarcasm? Sorry I'm nervous and vulnerable. Sorru

    • My BF does that to me.. he is very sarcastic with me... sorry, if I hurt u :(