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I am very confused in this situation. I am talking to this girl. We talked everyday for a week finally went on a date. it went amazing. then we hung out again right after. I met her friends and it was fun. She tells me she really likes me and I tell her. Now what Im confused with is that when we text its not really much of a conversation. Its kind like one word ones. She tells me I am the best and she is lucky. But I haven't seen her in a week. everytime I want to do something she is busy. I kinda feel like I should move on. I really like her but I feel like she doesn't really make an effort anymore. I feel like I am overthinking this but at the same time I am not. also I am going to her Halloween party friday. Has she not seen me this week because she will see me friday? Please help!


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  • Maybe she is really busy with her work or something like that. I think you should wait until that party, It's just one day ahead.. If she acts weird at her party, which she probably won't, don't ask her why at her party, but talk about it Saturday. Don't worry, and have fun !

  • Ask her out one more time, then move on. You need someone who likes you back. Good luck!


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