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there's this guy at work that i have a crush on and i know he likes me too and we both know this. We just been having this deadline at work and we both been really busy. We do the usually flirty looks and nothing much cuz we been soo busy. Im shy and he is as well i just dont know how to move on foward from this..


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  • Just write him a note, telling him to meet you somewhere.

    • well i have his number and I've txted him before but its all very formal and work related i dont know how to break that barrier


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  • Same work assignment?

    • lol he's my boss... after this is due i won't be seeing much of him anymore :(

    • Boss huh, you are adventurous haha. How about asking him for a cup of coffee or something as a way to relax for finishing the job

  • yor boss is a lucky bastard lol just ask him out for a cup of coffee and things will go smoothly from that point


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