BF says he needs space as his work has become 1000% more stressful than ever in his life. Should I wait it out or is it something more?

This is a 3 month old relationship that has been going amazing so far. Now with this request for space and some time for him to deal with all this, work, reoccurring sickness and now his car breaking down, the relationship has been basically put on hold. He has been very direct and upfront ALL along in this relationship to the point of making me feel like I really trust what he says always. And I have asked him 2 times in a texts and once on phone that if this is anything more than work stress, that I am a big girl and can move on. He said no, it's all this stress and he is sorry that he knows he has been a downer lately and he is just trying to do the best he can. He has said last month that he is starting to fall in love with me, and is NOT the kind of guy who says super affectionate things all the time at all. This is the last text he just sent.
"I really love spending time with you too. I think we have a lot in common, and have a great time together :) I honestly just need a little time to get a few things sorted out in my life. Please understand that I completely adore you and couldn't find you any sexier, and that I know I'm risking a lot, but I think it's something that is the best for me." As a guy, would you send that a girl if your real intention was to just let her down easily and break up permanently? Or is truly sounding like he would love for me to wait (as long as I feel like I can) and he understands he may lose me?


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  • He asked for space so give him space. Don't nag or you will lose him

    • I'm doing the no contact thing from me at this point. Leaving the ball in his court to reach out to me if and when he thinks he is ready to be back in it. I sent a reply text basically saying thank you for your honestly and that I while I can't wait forever, I will be patient and hope for the best. So now I just live my life and hope for the best.

    • That's all you can do. I know its hard

    • Thank you!


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  • Work stress is real, especially in this economy. Offer to be there for him if he needs it, but otherwise just let him work through it.

  • 3 months is that all, well persoanlly i wouldn't get to strung up about it 2 months is not enough time to call it a propper relationship anyway.


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  • Guys are very simple creatures, I agree with Reptocarl. They mean what they say, different than us girls.

    • Thx. We girls do tend to muddy things up don't we lol?

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    • Clingy isn't ever my issue, however over analyzing is. I tend to always think about things from everyone else's point of view and then get into the cycle over analyzing everything. I give myself a headache sometimes lol

    • I got jealous when he was studying with a girl and a guy. I didn't even know this girl, yet I bit down my tounge and shared my food. Turns out she was just a tutor, and I had nothing to worry about because he just ended up holding my hand under the table. Sometimes its all in our heads :)

  • Don't over analyze! Just give him space & remind him that you are there for him if he needs anything

    • Thank you! I think over analyzing is in my DNA, so I will just work on not thinking about it as much as I have.