What does it mean when a guy kisses you but doesn't want you kissing him?

So my crush likes to hug me and kisses me on the forehead several times. I sometimes kiss his cheek but today he told me no kissing even thoigh he kisses me on the forehead?


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  • One thing it might be (a guess, mind you) is that he noticed that you aren't made to feel uncomfortable by him kissing you on the head, so just accepted that you're okay with that and he should continue doing it. But, when you kiss him (even on the cheek) it does affect him emotionally and physically enough that it's something he wants to reserve for a more committed relationship.

    One way it could go: Next time you kiss him on his cheek and he says no kissing, wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his cheek again. When he says no kissing again, say YES kissing and kiss his cheek right next to his mouth. Or maybe next time his mouth is aiming for your head you lift your face, force him to give you a different kind of kiss. Nothing wrong with being a little playful, especially if it results in him changing his mind.

    • Thanks for the MHO! How are things going now? If you feel like sharing, I'd welcome a message.

    • Its still the same. I don't kiss him on the cheek anymore because I read somewhere that you are friend zoning him if that happens or if he kisses you on the cheek he's friend zoning. I'm pretty happy taking things slow and see where the hugs and kisses on the forehead leads.


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  • At this age it is a little odd... unless there is something he doesn't want to share just yet in case you are put off. Maybe dentures or a forked tongue or something else.

  • Queer or a doofus.


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  • I don't know, that's weird. What's your relationship like? Why is he kissing you so much?

    • Its a very affectionate friendship he hugs me kisses me on the forehead and nudges me playfully while we walk. I think he has a thjng for me

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    • Yes I like him a lot and I think he likes me too. Other signs are he nudges me playfully, teases me and buys me little presents every now and again. But it jusst got to me that I wasn't allowed to kiss his cheek but he kisses my forehead.

    • Yeah that is odd. Personally I would have asked him then and there why he said that, I'm not one to brush off odd instances without explanation. So if you both seem to like each other what's holding you back?