I Started talking to a guy on a dating site. We met in person and though technically not a virgin he was the 1st guy to actually be able to penetrate?

The 1st guy to technically be counted as my 1st later I found out he actually was in a relationship & didn't tell me. It too awhile for me to move on. & the guy I started talking to maybe I was trying to distract my mind. He seemed like a nice genuine guy. Though I don't have much experience in the dating scene since I'm 21 & never been asked out or in a relationship. Anyway I knew he had an instagram but I didn't want to just follow him out of the blue so I decided to casually bring it up in a text conversation oh I know you said you don't use Facebook but do you use Instagram? He said no. My response was I'm not that naive. He's 29 & I feel with our conversations he tries to play it off like he's really old or outdated. He asked if I had an Instagram & I said yes. His response was "I'm not much of a fan of social networking I'm getting old like a dinosaur" I told him he was being silly. It bothered me that he was even lying in the 1st place. What bothered me even more was after the fact I told him I had one he made his Instagram profile private. I asked what I was even considered to him & he said friends & asked if that was fine with me. I said yes but with friendship there's honesty. He agreed. I told him I knew he had an Instagram and his excuse was "Sorry I'm a fairly private person" I responded by saying that he could have just told me that & not lie to me. He apologized for that & I told him that I forgave him but that was the end of our conversation. The fact that he lied about something. The fact that he also purposely made his profile private after I mentioned me having one. I've seen his photos they are normal I don't understand why he's being so secretive. Was I wrong in the situation for even bringing it up in the 1st place? Should I just give him some space? He's not the type to text 1st & for some reason I'm scared that I lost him. That whole night I could clearly see he was online on the website. I know I shouldn't contact him but what should I do?


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  • He clearly doesn't seem to just want to be friends. Maybe he wants sex instead. Just don't text him anymore and stop talking to him.

  • I'd say stop texting him. If he wants to talk to you he'll make the effort. Maybe you should evaluate how you feel about him too. You had sex, and now he is acting like an ass. You deserve better than that nonsense.