LADIES: Would you want a guy to tell you his feelings if you are in a relationship? Should I wait?

I really really like this girl and she seems to be kinda on and off with her bf. We known each other for 3 weeks and she always says hi to me when she sees me. She seems to like me sometimes (or she is just really friendly) but she is still with this guy. She does some flirty things to like asking me to put on a band-aid for her or asking me to hold her jacket. Her boyfriend does not like her talking to me and he brought a couple friends with him to try and intimidate me once when she was sitting with me. Her boyfriend told her to come with him but she refused. Should i tell her my feelings or should i wait for them to break up (which might not happen).

  • Tell her
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  • Keep being just friends and wait
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  • Break contact
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  • Well honestly, I know this may be harsh but I personally wouldn't. Just because I don't want to be the person who could break someone's relationship. If she is still with the guy then there isn't much to say. Technically she is taken and you telling her could make things complicated


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  • She's in a relationship. Whether or not it's going well is really none of your business, however much you like that girl. Guys/girls in relationships are off limits, according to my book anyway.

  • I think you should tell her but uh you might want to watch out for the boyfriend because he might lash out if he finds out your moving in an his girl.

  • Tell her :)


What Guys Said 1

  • I voted for you to wait. Because i think that you are not 100% sure about her.
    I mean you have to be sure if she likes you (as partner) or not!
    Just try to flirt wid her only once... if she responds well; you can tell her your feelings later!!

    Hoe i helped