Give it one more shot, or move forward else where?

I met this pretty cool girl and went on a date with her. We ended up having a really fun time together, and hit it off pretty well. Towards the end of the date things got hot and heavy, and we almost went all the way. It has been about two weeks since that date , and I have been pursuing to get a second since. We have been in contact by texting and talking on the phone occasionally The phone conversations are no more than fifteen minutes usually, and are generally light and funny. In these point's of contact, there has been a lot of flirting and she has been very responsive when I make the attempt to contact her. So therefore I assume that she still giving me the green light, and she still has high interest level on hanging out with me again. I have played it very cool, and have never came across as needy as far that I am aware of . However I've tried twice asking her out for another date, but both times have been denied due to the fact she has been very busy lately. Yet she has told met that she will let me know when she has some more free time so we could plan a second date. So should I keep being persistent and keep asking her out till she says yes, or do I just sit back and wait for her to fit me in to her schedule?


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  • Seeing as u have already asked, I would just wait fir her to contact u. The ball is in her court seeing as she has said she's busy. I think you've done all u can do and she knows u are keen.


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  • Ya what the first person said, don't act needy and wait for her to tell you when you guys could go out. Maybe if she doesn't pose the question in awhile you could always try again but for now just wait it out.