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I am linking this boy and we always Skype for long and talk all the time and I just recently found out that apparently he was talking to one of my close mate and she said to him that she likes him and he replied I will be with you and stop talking to me but my friend told me this i questioned it and he says he wants me but yestaday he showed me him and my friends chat and it didn't say anything like that but I don't know who to believe and if it true then could you give me advice because i still like him but I feel like I want to give him revenge and I know it stupid but I don't care so please help can't stop crying but he has also had a bad pasts but he saying that he has changed and I do believe him on that


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  • If he was so in to u then he wouldn't discuss anything like this with your friends and your friends, if they were true friends, would not chat with him and say such stuff either. He sounds like he's becoming a young player out for what he can get and just telling u what u want to hear. Your friend has been taken in by him, maybe he's been flirting with her and she's fell for his shit but for me and if it was me then I'd get rid of him and her. Don't be so easily taken in at a young age it will set u on a course in life where people believe u to be an easy target and happiness and trust will be hard for u to find

  • You really should just talk to someone else, because that boy is going to cause trouble between you and your friend as well. Stay away from drama as much as you possibly can during your teen years!


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