Is there still a chance to salvage things or did I screw up too bad?

Last week I met up with a friend (just a friend) at a bar. He was with another friend and the three of us hung out and had a great time. The other other guy was talking tome all night and asking me questions about myself and all that. I found out that he also asked my friend for my number when they left. He texted me a couple days later a little small talk and that was it. I texted him the next day and just said hello he said him asked me what I was doing, told him I was working he asked where I worked I told him and end of conversation. The next night I sent him a message, and this is where I think I started screwing everything up, I asked him if he wanted to hang out he agreed we met up and then went back to his place. We had a few drinks there and he didn't want me driving home after drinking so he asked me to stay, I did and then we slept together. The next day we hung out a little bit and talked and he was about to put in a movie and I felt I was over staying my welcome so I told him I had stuff to do then left. I text him that night a little teasing and flirting then the same thing the next day. That was yesterday, I also asked him to hang out but he was working but didn't offer another night to hang out. Tonight same thing I asked him to hang out he was at work but said he was off tomorrow I asked if he wanted to do something when I got out of work and now I haven't heard from him. I think maybe I came on too strong even though I'm not blowing up his phone all day...did I ruin any chance of anything with him or since its only been a week can I still do something?

The reason I want to keep seeing him is we had a great time both times we hung out and he is a really great guy. I've been dating all these guys who were losers and going nowhere and now I met a guy who has a plan and seems to have all his priorities and responsibilities in line. Please help me!


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  • Don't over think it, just go with the flow. And since its only been a week don't worry to much about it. Since both of you are working and have a life, setting up plans won't always be that simple. I honestly think you can still work something out. Just chill out a few days and then try and see if the two of you could work something out.

    • Should I continue texting him? Or should I just back off completely for a little while and wait for him to contact me?

    • Back off a little while and see what happens, if you want try again next weekend to see if he wants to do something.


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  • Nothig went wrong just take time to go slow and plan out things to see what is feasible


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  • i just hope that it isn't a case of he already got what he wanted...

    does he definitely not have a girlfriend? this happened to me once and I found out he had a girlfriend... slack prick..