Whys it ok for my bf to do this but not bloody me?

I'm sick of it I'm so close to properly ending our relationship he's aloud to loads of things no matter how much I moan at him for it! He goes on p*rn, smokes, drinks goes out with friends daily and other stuff but the 2nd I do what he does I basically get called a bad girlfriend, he acts like a spoilt brat and lives with me for nothing gets fed and clothed all for free I've had to force him to get a job which by the way I helped him get coz I know the boss! Why do I always get made out to be the bad one all his friends hate me coz supposedly I'm "controlling" and I'm "crazy" Yeh so what I might of gotten angry at him in front of his friends but no wonder I already have my own stuff to pay for bills etc. And a child and I'm having his child too!
Really needed to rant coz I'm getting so stressed out


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  • Please don't take offense when I say this, but this situation silly. How much power over your life that u give a person that does NOTHING for you is unbelievable. Love yourself more than u love him, and kick his ass out, simple as that. You're not his mom, it's not your job to take care of him. Okay your having his child, and I'm sure u want to raise your kid with two parents or whatevs, that's respectable. But your outlook should be that if he can't bring anything to the table, let him eat alone! No one needs a person that takes more than they give.


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  • You don't want to do what he does and bad choice to have his child. One thing would really help you is to kick his ass out. You do not need help doing bad in life. He is not productive. His traits will lead to you loosing your children, is he man enough to take their places.

    As long as you have him, poverty will stay with you like a much welcome friend. A male who does want to work is not a man.

  • You guys suck at social relations, are unable to maintain a mature relationship and apparently have zero clue how to interface with one another. That, and you're just having sex and procreating like rabbits into a household where you guys don't even pay attention to yourselves. I dread for those kids.

  • You both sound like spoiled brats. Do yourself a favour and end it you're just hazardous to eachother, don't waste your life on a bloke that's just going to bring out the worst in you, who the fuck wants that. If you're feeling like you want to end it, do it. You aren't his mother you can't control what he does, its up to him to change, you can't force change on someone.

    • Sorry but in no way am I bloody split! I've had to do everything on my own since I was 15! So no hardly me being spoilt when I never buy myself anything! He NEEDS to grow up coz he has a child on the way which he wanted btw!

    • Yes you're spoiled if you think a person will change because you try and force them. Life doesn't work like that young lady. Buying things doesn't make you a mature responsible adult. But making the right decisions does. You need to grow up as much as he does, as you don't notice that you are building a life together with someone not fit to take care of Them self a resposible adult would know that. As for having his child read above at what I wrote. Additionally he wanted a baby but you put your part in it too cause he can't force a baby in ya, grow up and get a better life for you and your child away from someone who only brings negative feeling on you. You don't get second chances at life. Once you fuck it up its well fucked.

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  • Break up with him.
    Get your life together and for heaven's sake, don't smoke or drink while pregnant!
    Read books on how to care for a baby and set up a nice little place of your own with everything you need to raise a baby.
    Focus on caring for the baby and yourself and distance yourself from your boyfriend.

  • This all seemed really funny to me because your all obviously from England so I read this whole thing with a brittish accent. haha