So I hadn't really heard from her in a while and now I found out why she meet someone else?

so I've known this girl for a while as we live in same town and close to each other. I saw a lot of her during the summer and we hung out and partied together and were fairly close , we didn't officially date. at some point she got annoyed over this other girl we both knew and fact I had liked her romantically in the past. and then in weeks before summer ended she suddenly grew distant and started to act weird and then last time I had seen her was labour day weekend and then she was off at school.

I hadn't seen her at all till last night I ran into her at a bar for Halloween and everything was fine and we got along and had some drinks and talked. later in the night it eventually came out that she has a new bf in the city she going to college in , she's taking nursing and I guess she's meet a guy medical student. I guess he's more of a catch than me but still suspect its a rebound after things with me failed and she moved away. so I'm not sure what to think of the whole thing and realise a relationship with me wouldn't of been convenient as she's so far away


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  • I don't understand your question. You had kind of a summer fling, failed to make things official and she obviously liked you because she got jealous of your past.

    Now she has a new boyfriend. I wouldn't consider him a rebound because you never really dated and she was the one who started getting distant first. I think the only thing that failed with you is that you didn't make that shit official.

    • well I had known her before this summer , but I agree nothing official ever happened. mean we never official got together and never officially broke up , she just sort of disappeared and moved on. she seemed upset when I last saw her at end of summer which leads me to think she went through some level of disappointment over me and that lead to a rebound even though we weren't a couple ever


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  • aw the same thing happened to me. well, sorta.

  • I wouldn't suspect it's a rebound, that's justo being sour about it. she just met someone st school, be happy for her. Things never came to be between you two because they weren't meant to be.


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