I found out she's in a rebound relationship with someone way better than me?

so have I lost her forever now? we broke up / went separate ways at end of summer when she went away to college for nursing. now after not seeing her for 2 months I just found out she's in a new relationship already and the guy is like a medical student to be a doctor. I don't see how I can really compete with that and she's away in that city anyways. I feel like I lost her forever cause of my stuipidity


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  • It depends on his personality and how he treats her. Some people have all the status but are unpleasant to be around. Also if he is very high status - he might choose to break up with her.

    • I don't know what he's like as I haven't even meet him , she's good looking I don't know why any guy break up with her

    • Maybe it is time to move on then.

    • but she said she "loved being friends with me " and we did some drinks together at the bar , and took a picture of us together. I don't know exactly how long they have been dating

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  • yep you lost out I've noticed all female nurses ultimate goal in life is to marry a doctor. one time i had all these chicks who were nurses add me on Facebook cause i had the same name as a young doctor at a hospital in my town.


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