Tell me why I'm still single?

Ok, I know I can google stuff online, but I wanna hear what you ladies and gentlemen point out why I'm still single.
I'm not pretty; in fact, I have a round face with short nose, I'm like 5/10. I'm 1.72 m tall, and not a slim lady.
I play lots of musical instruments. I'm in the top 30% of the class when it comes to the academic field.
I'm friendly, all of my friends say so. My friends say that I'm a really nice girl who goes out of her way to help people.
I have a lot of male buddies, and I get on with them very; in fact, better than with the girls.
I can cook, bake and mend clothes. I'm very independent, I can do stuff on my own, even with the heavy stuff.
I enjoy wearing tee and sneakers, and I don't feel comfortable to buy and wear a dress since my legs are big and I feel too small in the dress.

So tell me, why I'm still single?
(You can ask me for other things not listed here too)


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  • As others have already mentioned, physical appearance is half the battle. The attraction of the your body is what brings men to you, clearly not your personality seeing how they don't even know you yet. So, just excercise and try to get in shape and maybe you'll have better luck! :) From the looks of it, you seem really sweet though, and that always counts for allot!

    • Thank you, I will try to work on that.

    • No problem, love. You can do this :)


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  • If most of your friends are guys, then single men would probably assume you are dating one of them and not bother approaching you. Are you regularly meeting singles and letting them know you are looking?

    • I see your point. And no, since I'm too busy with school work and most of people in my department are females, I rarely have a chance to meet new ones. But I will try to work on that part. Thank you

  • Maybe you have the nerd thing going on do you workout at all? maybe you need to get lean and that will help you

    • Thank you. What is the "nerd thing going on" like , can you give me some example?

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    • ok, I see ^^

    • Yes


  • From what you describe, sounds like the physical stuff isn't appealing. Start getting fit and healthy. Even if you are. 5/10 by your admission, getting thin will improve your overall looks. You'll also feel better.

    • Thank you. I guess appearance is always important.

  • You don't have to be skinny, some people just can't. You can look healthy though, try exercising more and see if you get any results. Not all guys like tiny women, but most guys like a girl that looks healthy. :)

  • start to pursue your happiness , do you mind to initiate?

    • No, I don't mind to initiate. But I think I'm too good of a friend material, like "one of the guys" thing.

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  • You sound like a really great person but maybe guys haven't noticed how great of a person you are, when I was young I used to think there would never be guys who like me but as I grew up i began to look more beautiful, more intelligent and also more mature and that's when boys slowly began to start liking me. Some people might not experience this like until a teenager or something. Just because your single doesn't mean your life is over and that your not good enough. Everyone is special and I think your very special and any guy in future will think so too.

    • Thank you. It's lucky of you to experience it when you're still a teenager.