Should we keep it or just stop?

Ok my boyfriend and I been sexual for awhile and now he wants to stop and says he likes it but wants some for after married but it will be totally awkward between us if we stop but he is confused on should we do it oh stop and I don't want to stop and it's not sex guys and we just need help should we keep doing the same stuff or just stop and be awkward and put a huge hole in our relationship,

He just told me he isn't ready and every time we do this he goes home then we get in a fight because he regrets it all
Nothing happened in his life we laugh and giggle then next point he says he regrets doing what we did on Halloween so confused


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  • Alright, there's something your not telling us. We can't help without all the facts. What within your relationship led up to this point? What is happening in his family life, is someone ill/dying or dead or has some major change happened to his habitual patterns in life? Like a change of house, diet or friend circle...


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  • I lost a dream girl because I couldn't keep my hands off her. She and I loved the sex - but later she resented me greatly because of her regret. And I realized later, if I had gone about things the right way - we might still be together and happily married.

    If you really love him, you can wait and build the relationship. Sex just gets us focused on sex, and we forget about everything else important in being with someone.


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  • Do you guys have plans for marrige any time soon? Or is he very catholic? Christian?