Guys what are your thoughts?

Guys what are your thoughts on a woman who is 6ft, rides a motorbike and loves fishing more that most retired men.
would I make you do a runner? or dont it bother you?

  • Im outa here... Cya
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  • Finaly a girl that likes the same stuff as me
    67% (2)30% (3)38% (5)Vote
  • It dont bother me
    33% (1)60% (6)54% (7)Vote
  • Just show me the stats
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  • I chose option c, coz for me, it doesn't matter.. everyone got their life and their choice.. you like something, thats great.. why feel guilty or awkward about it.. stay as you are.. don't change for anyone!!!


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  • I respect you a lot for your statement, really! :)

    • Well im just wondering if guys like girls that are more into guy stuff than them.