Was it a good date (read info)?

I just went on a first date with an attractive guy. He seemed to laugh a lot and we got along pretty good, but he started checking his watch a couple of times towards the end. And the conversation came to a stand still at the end. We were at the coffee shop for only 35ish minutes and he wanted to split. But he asked for my number before we left. Wth? For me, compared to most dates... this was kind of short. Is there a possibility of a second date? Just looking for opinions.


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  • Best thing to do is wait a bit, drop him a text and see if he picks it back up. If he doesn't respond and/or acts disinterested, probably a sign that there isn't a lot of interest in moving it further.

  • He clearly doesn't care. Ignore him and see if he text you. Only text him if he text you?


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