Why is he playing a game on his phone when we are supposed to be having a serious talk?

I did something that supposedly upset a guy that I was talking to. He was really upset about it but had agreed to talk it over. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to try to figure out and work things out and he responded saying he wouldn't have allowed me over to his place if he didn't want to talk things through. But instead he just wouldn't stop playing a game on his phone. When I told him to get off his phone game he would laugh like it was a joke. I asked him if he wanted to talk seriously then to get off his game and I even grabbed the phone away from him but then he would just giggle and act funny and wouldn't even look at me in the face. He said he was hurt because he really liked me and what I did he felt betrayed. But why invite me over if you are just going to act funny?


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  • to get even
    to make you feel like he does
    he's very immature
    so you'll have to make amends w/o so much talking
    find another way to stitch up this rip
    or shop for a replacement

    • Yea he's immature. There is no reparation now since I got mad at him and he never even bothered responding. So either he never cared and was just pretending to be hurt or he just is too immature to put his pride aside and work things out. I guess it's replacement time.

    • Agreed - go shopping
      other reasons for a no call include guys that can't think of a response, so bury themselves in something else (e. g. games) until someday the answer comes... seldom does... these types need a mommy, not a gf

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  • Its one of the key differences between men and women. Women talk to women face to face and talk about feelings. Men talk side by side not looking at each other and talk about problems and solutions. When you talk to a man and he's not looking at you women think he's not listening or doesn't care. The truth is he is listening. Just not like a woman would. Talking about feelings face to face for a man would be extremely hard

  • Sounds like this guy needs to grow up.

  • He only invited you over to make you feel like shit. That's it, plain and simple.

  • It sounds like he was waiting for you to apologize.

    • I apologized like crazy. Truth is I never even did anything wrong and I didn't betray him, all I did was do something that hurt his feelings because he thought it meant I didn't like him seriously.

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    • I guess but if I felt he had cared or was showing me he cared I wouldn't have even given my energy to someone else. He barely spent time with me and was always canceling plans. He would tell me to continue dating other people and to do what I want so I just figured he didn't care and he was just wasting my time but I liked hanging out with him when we did so I continued.

    • Well it sounds pretty flimsy and lame then. Neither of you really showed strong interest. Why are you trying to fix something that never really worked?

  • Guys don't generally like having heart to heart talks while looking someone in the eye. We feel more comfortable engaging in some other activity while we talk. It makes it feel like the subject matter isn't as big of a deal that way.


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  • This is a slap in your face, sweetie, he deliberately pulled a phone boner to get Even Steven for his hissy fit he is Obviously feeling. And with his boyish behavior that I find rude and crude, this is telling me and it should be telling you that he is not worth the time of your day, a waste of space and the next time He decides he wants to "Invite me over," tell him to talk to your hand, kiss your butt and put him on your pay no mid list... leave him there with egg allover his smirk snot face. He is an immature baby, a grudge bearer to boot and if this any example of open lines of convo, forget this problem child, silence is now golden with this loosey goosey... game time over, he just lost his best winner ever here...
    Good luck. xx

  • I agree with the guys. When I'm having a serious, emotional talk with someone, I find it difficult to look them in the face. I avoid it, to the point of seeming like I'm ignoring them, but I'm not ignoring. He's playing the game, and acting funny, because he's uncomfortable with acting serious and meeting your eyes. You hurt this guy, but he was still willing to talk. Even if it seemed like he wasn't paying attention, he was. He probably was trying to both distance himself from the situation (and feelings) and avoid looking at someone that hurt him.

    • Ok even if this is what he was doing wouldn't you want to leave with some sort of conclusion and understanding to make at least yourself feel better. Instead I left feeling like we didn't come up with any solution.

    • Yes, you would, but if you called him out on it, then it made him realize what he was doing. He tried to laugh it off, and you continued to push it. If you were to try to talk to him again, let him distance himself, or he won't talk.