Why do men stay with a woman they are not in love with?

So my guy friend has been with his girlfriend for a little over a year. Me and him were talking the other day. I asked him why he puts up with the things she is doing? ( note she hacked into his account and had him stop talking to " those bitches" who are his friends! Even tried to stop him from talking to me! ) he could not say anything. I think asked if he was in love with her. He said he never wanted to be in the relationship with her. That it just happened. I asked him why he just don't leave it, because it's clear he is not happy with her. He said she is nice and his ex wife likes her and his kids like her. I did not know what to tell him at that point... why would a man stay with a woman who he is not in love with and just because his kids like her and his ex wife likes her. Most his friends he had to give up. He has known from the time we were in school. He told me that he could not give me up at all. That I mean to much to him. I get the feeling he has feelings for me, but he will not come out and say anything. Just says I'm his dear friend, but the way he looks at me and always trying to see me alone. He confused me so much. I just want to see him happy and as his friend. I can tell he is not truly happy with her. It's like he is content to stay with her no matter what she dose, because his kids and ex wife likes her... just don't get why a guy would do that to himself.


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  • Afraid to break a heart. I was in the same position. And waited for a good time to finally end the relationship.
    Its hard because you may still care for the person even though you may no longer love them!

    • He has always played the good guy role. Always trying his best never to hurt anyone. He has tried to end things with her but she don't get it. He tried to tell her he wanted to be just friends and she just said no. He told her he needed a brake and she said for what a week. I don't know I feel bad for him.

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    • I recently had to just end it. She will cling to any shred, any lead, any misinterpretation he leaves. he needs to tell her he is done being in a relationship with her and that although he shared his love with her, his love for her is done.
      Its cruel and it hurts but that is the only way.
      Good luck to both of you.

    • Also she controls him, he is not free. He needs to free himself from her. Freedom!


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  • So they can fuck her

  • This friend of yours is a people pleaser. In his mind he is doing what it takes to keep everyone happy. Im sorry but you just can't change this in people. he's just not interested in fulfilling his own desires like some other guys might be.

    • No I get that about him, because I am the same way. That's why me and him get each other. I just don't want to see him give up finding someone real and worth his love. By staying with a woman who he doesn't love at all.

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    • Lol nah I know when it's time to let go and stand up for myself and do what makes me happy. Just don't want to lose him because he can't do the same for him self.

    • You can't control what he wants, only influence it.

  • She's most likely freaking gorgeous

  • For a reason women know nothing of. Loyalty.

    • Guess u just know girl's and not real woman.

    • I know women who cheat, girls and women cheat

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  • Maybe the man really loves his woman, don't believe in everything guys say even you're his closest friend ever. He may have feelings for you but not deep enough to end his relationship with the other woman. A man only becomes stupid when he's inlove. His girlfriend wants to end his communication with you and other girlfriends that he has because she wants her boyfriend to avoid temptation.

    • Not just his female friends but his guy friends as well. He is not the type to lie to me. He never could tell a lie I could not call him out on.
      No even if he has feelings for me. He knows I would not cross that line with him and lose him from my life that way. He asked me out back in school and I turned him down, because I was with someone.

    • Well if he's not happy with her. I hope one day he'll give up and learn to let go. The woman he's with is a manipulating bitch. Lol

    • No she really is and I can't stand the way she dose him at all.

  • Kids, loyalty, friendship, comfort, fear

  • Feel bad for her... rebound... green card... fortune seekers etc.

    • I don't know if I feel bad for her, because he has tried to end things with her a number of time's. I think she was a rebound. I don't want to think she is using him for a green card. He already said he doesn't want to marry her. Maybe never get remarried again.