Smooth and scored some points or too try hard?

So I literally just ran into a girl who i am interested in at a restaurant with 3 of her girlfriends. They were already sitting as me and my buddy rolled in. We ended up finishing before them so i told the waiterto discreetly thier tab on mine. So i paid the bill, both her party and mines without her not yet knowing. So did I win some points as was it a smooth move or was it a try hard chump move?


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  • Sounds nice, but would she have known it was you who did it?

    • I'm sure the waiter told her it was me as she just txted me thanking me

    • Well that's always good :) ultimately it depends on the girl, but if it was me you would have scored points :) it's a very nice thing to do!


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  • If I were her I would be impressed. But don't do it every time you see her. Make sure you talk to her sometime. That was an impressive ice breaker.


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  • That's a power play right there.

    • Power play as in good or bad?

    • Well I think it can't just be painted in black or white like that you know. The act in itself can either turn out in your favor or not, really depends on how you play it from here.. You just don't want to come off to over the top with doing things like this and be too try hard, you know what I am saying? I think if you do that you will ruin what you did here and she will just look at you as sort of a sucker..

      With that being said if you play your cards right and just be cool from here then you made yourself a pretty golden rico suave move. Just don't turn into the guy who is always buying her shit to get her attention and I think you will be off to a very solid start here.

  • A waste of money to say the least.