Do you think it's funny he got a black girlfriend and now all he listens to are black musicians?

This guy I know is dating a black girl and now he's listening to all black musicians. Not at all the kind of music he listened to prior. Is he being a little puppy clinging to her? I always kind of saw him that way, like dying to impress and please

Like seems phony to me is what I'm trying to say.


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  • I mean some people are like that, but thats only if you're sure he wasn't like that before.

    I listen to a lot of white musicians and I always have. If someone saw me with a white guy and assumed it was because of that, they would be very very incorrect.

    How is it phony? I mean, I don't know this person well or at all, so I can't say. But if your significant other introduced you to something, they play it all the time around you, you pick it up and start listening on your own, etc... I don't see that as phony if you really like it. You just discovered something you like that you didn't know you would like as much before. Now, if you don't really like it and you're just putting yourself through torture just to make someone like you more or to make them happy - thats fake.

    I like some foreign music. If I dated someone from one of my cultures of interest, and we listened to a lot of music from his/her culture, and I enjoyed it and listened to more of it, I wouldn't think I was being "phony", even if it seemed funny to other people.

    Also, you're assuming his gf listens to the same music. I listen to black artists as well, but "black music" spans genres, and I also listen to a lot of white artists, as I said. If I'm dating a white guy, who mostly listens to black artists, he isn't getting that from me.


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  • I don't really think that's funny. I think that's pretty common when people start seeing someone that has similar general taste as they do, but a very different cultural perspective.

    I tend to like partners with a fairly big age gap, or cultural difference, for this exact reason. When your tastes align, but they have been listening to completely different genres, or to artists from a completely different time period, you suddenly find yourself exposed to a mountain of content that you really like and had never heard of before.

    If he is completely dropping his own ideas and immersing himself in the things she likes, it usually means that he thinks her taste is cooler than what he was in to before. If a person thinks "what I like is cool, but what you like seems even MORE cool" then they can pretty much end up in a position where they just... switch interests.

    If a guy does this every single time he dates a girl, then it would probably just mean that he didn't really have a strong sense of personal taste, that he doubted his own interests and how 'cool' they were, and was easily moved by other people's opinions and really wants to just 'fit in'. Can't really tell if he is doing it for just one relationship though, I would be giving the guy the benefit of the doubt in that case.

    I'm curious as to why you care what kind of music he listens to though. I don't see why that would have any impact on your relationship with him as a person.


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  • I hated rap music for the longest time and wouldn't listen to it. My BF likes it, and I gave it a chance and it opened my mind. I learned quite a bit about a culture that I had ignorantly shut out before. It's possible that he's trying to be respectful and give what she likes a try.

    • I find it funny you got downvoted for the exact same point that I made but hey this is GaG lol. Like I said in my comment its a good thing when someone can broaden your horizons.

  • Nothing wrong if he is willing himself to be indoctrinated himself into black culture and music. He is trying to connect to the vibe of his gf.

  • I think you are looking at it negatively. It's always good when you meet someone and they broaden your horizons on something you are not used to it does not matter if it is food, music, t. v. shows. etc. I don't think it has anything to do with trying to be someone you are not because at the end of the day when they met, they were their own person and had differences to accept in the first place.

  • lol I know a few people like that. They adjust to their girlfriend or boyfriends style.
    Is like dude don't you have your own taste in stuff?

  • My boyfriend is hispanic and i now listen to hos type music... it has nothing to do with race good music is good music... to be honest i think ur just mad thst hed with a black girl...

  • I find it hilarious. I notice that with a lot of people who date interracially, they immerse themselves in the others culture trying be what they think their partner wants them to be.