Anyone else who is like me?

I'm 22 and never had a boyfriend. I think my biggest problem is that I can't image myself being with another person , I love the thought of it but I am so use to always being alone and indepenent so I can't see myself living with guy and being all lovey dovey relationship girl
Its hard.. because I think fear is also a big part of it. I've grown up with no dad and my mom always had to work so I am use to so everything on my own. I work hard and I go to school.. but I've never managed to get a bf.. i don't think I'm ugly or boring but I think fear of nor being the typical gf scares me


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  • You seem strong and beautiful. If you want a man you have to open yourself up to the possibility of a relationship you can't be afraid of it. Asking someone on a date or starting a relationship is a leap of faith. Two people can be together and be independent. those are the healthiest relationships.
    And their are plenty of girls like you my sister got her first boyfriend at 22! thats why i really needed to respond to this.

    Ps. if the guy seems "needy" drop him! independent people don't need succubus.


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  • there are plenty people like you. and you know the way to break out of your cycle is to just try something new and always put in the effort. as long as you try, it doesn't matter if you didn't reach your goal. you're making progress.

  • Send me a mesage, and I will help you.

  • there are people older than you who are still single and always have been and I think there are more male late bloomers than female late bloomers, my gut feeling tells me but it is mostly just a guess


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