Ex gf joined dating site day after dumping me. Did I really mean that little to her?

My ex gf basically dumped me last week and I was obviously heartbroken, but I acted like I was okay with the whole thing. I accepted the reason when she said she didn't want to be in a relationship right now. The day after I saw that she joined a dating site, stating that she was looking to date and that she was single.

Apart from that, she deleted me off fb. I really loved her and put in so much effort in this relationship, where I felt like she took advantage of me. She basically took me for granted because I was 'too nice' to her.

How could she just move on so quick or try to jump back into the dating scene after just a day? Did I mean so little to her?


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  • How did you see her there? Are you on it to?
    Probably a rebound thing to help her get over you fast.

    • We met on the dating site initially.. and after she met me she deactivated her profile.

    • To be honest, girls, even when it's a guy we don't care that much about, we still kinda care when we break up with them usually. I don't think it's because you meant nothing to her because nearly every single one of my friends, when they break up with their man they say "I don't care he's a loser anyway" yet constantly talk about what an asshole he was because they can't stop thinking and then they usually either go on one of these sites for validation or confidence boost or they go on to find some other guy to pretend "oh I'm so over whats his name look at me moving on"
      Most people don't jump to other guys straight away. Even if the ex wasn't that special. The only only times I've seen my girls do it is when they really aren't over him, otherwise they just take a little dating break in between guys.


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  • I don't think so if she joined a dating site maybe she is desperate for a guy and she misses you but maybe doesn't want you back or maybe thinks you already moved on and she has to do so too.

  • Just take a minute and think to yourslef "she joined a dating site right after she dumped me..." she's that thirsty that she joined a dating site man! Its okay. She just wants to stick it in and thats mainly what dating sites are for anyways. A great girl will come into your life. Keep your head up and find the funny in the crazy :)

  • I knew a guy who did the same thing
    He lived with his gf too. He seemed so happy but looks can be deceiving. He dumped her and my friend saw him on pof the next day

    • Do you think maybe some people try to get back into dating just to show they aren't affected by the break up?

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  • Dude... My gf broke up with me, couldn't even give me a reason, then the next day she's going on about some hot guy she saw on the train that morning to her friends. Lol, I can't understand it.

    They're probably just playing around, they don't know what they want. You probabably didn't mean that much to her, usually when they break up with you, you don't mean that much to them otherwise they wouldn't break up with you. She could just be trying to move on from your relationship and by moving on she wants to start dating again ASAP. I don't know, who really cares anyway man...

    • True.. I guess I'm the only one who's got a hard time moving on.

  • How u was with her !! Delete u from Facebook then jump to dating site wooo it look like u was carless boyfriend based on what she did,, (OR) if u was good bf and really show ur love to her and make her happy in her bd and most time if take drop her home after work it take long to explain but shortly if u was good bf to her based on what she did u need to forget her There's million girls goodluck

  • just curious, how did you know she was on a dating site? O_o

    • We initially met on the same dating site and she had deactivated her profile after she met me.

    • That dont really answer my question.
      how did you know she went back on it?
      surely that means you would have had to activate yours