Is it possible to deeply connect with a romantic partner?

Is it really possible to deeply connect with a romantic partner? You hear it is, but relationships don't often seem that way, from my experience.


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  • Of course? Is it possible? Of course it is possible.

    • You accomplish this?

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    • I've dated all different types... It must be something I'm lacking, not them.


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  • I hope to find myself someone relatively soon I am really lonely and really horny I need to use these erections before I lose these erections. Go to work, come home alone, repeat that's how my day goes. I think I am obsessive cause all I see seems like everyone else has someone except me and I just can't accept that

    • Dating and connecting aren't necessarily the same, though...

  • You're not with the right partner then.
    But some people aren't really capable of having a deep connection, because of mental/emotional issues.

    • Maybe that's my problem. :(

      I've been in love, of course, but most of my relationships seem sustained by something other than mutual connection.

    • If you're capable of love then you are capable of that connection and just need to meet the right person. I've had connections with girls I never even dated before and it was only circumstances that stopped us from dating

    • Maybe it's just something guys feel more than women.

  • That's because in America, relationships are based around sex. Sex won't let you connect deeply with a partner, however over-glorified it is.

    • Sex can be means to a deep connection, I'd assume?

    • I believe sex is meant to come with the relationship. Most people believe the relationship comes with the sex.

  • Yes, it is. I've done it twice now and hope to do it again someday.

    • Twice at such a young age... Secrets to your success?

    • Living and loving. But I also lost both of them because of lack of honest communication. Hence, also learning.

  • Wrong partner that's why, but yes it is possible.

    • I think I am the wrong partner in the equation! :

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