Have you ever dated some who was very reserved?

What was it like... Was it challenging at times


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  • I am the reserved person who's been dated. It was something of a problem, especially because in the past I always had a hard time showing affection.

    For anyone dating a reserved person: just be patient, and know that the little things they do (holding your hand, sending you a random text in the middle of the night saying 'I love you', whatever) are the equivalent of them making a huge romantic gesture. It's frustrating for sure, but give us a chance to open up! And tell them honestly about it if it's getting to be a problem, but don't condescend them or tell them to "just be more open." Communication is SO vital.


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  • Reserved how? Emotionally, physically (sexually), or both?

  • Yes very, damn girl wouldn't mix with my other friends, she was ok by herself, but me being a social butterfly, couldn't be dealing with someone people took for arrogant. She had to go when she wanted me to be as closed off and reserved as her.

    • Man that sucks. How did you both communicate... did you have to do most of the communicating?

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