Should you wait for guys to ask you to hang out or should you make the first move?

There's a guy at my school that I like alot. I was looking at his Facebook page so I could see what kind of things he is into. I seen something on his page about naked yoga. I'm assuming he likes it or has tried it. I want to try things with him and I want to try yoga with him but I don't know how to bring it up. We have a lot in common but he has done things that I've never did. He's very intriguing to me and I want to try some of the things that he has tried and have experiences with him. How do I tell him that I want to do more things with him, yoga or maybe even naked yoga with him? Should I make the first move or should I wait for him to ask me to hang out again?


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  • just tell him, life is too short to take chances and too big to regret,
    if it works out u will be proud of yourself that u tried,
    if it fails, u will still be proud that at least u tried, u are not going to have him if u dont tell him,
    so why not tell him, and as long as sex goes, if u think he said yes to ur proposal just for sex, then dump him,
    u will get to know in due course of time that he really likes u back or just using to get into ur panties from his actions, trust me, go for it, u have nothing to lose


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  • Just engage in casual naked yoga at school whenever he's around and see if he joins in.


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  • why not just ask. if he's not you hell say yes. if not his loss. life goes on.