Does he really want to date me or want a hook up?

so i was seeing this guy for about a month and then he stopped talking to me, and now he apologized and asked if we can try again because he has genuine feelings for me, but now he barely talks to me and doesn't seem to want to talk to me.. does he just want a hook up or what?


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  • Yes he just wants to hook up. If he is barely talking to you and not going out of his way to try to "Date" you, then those feelings are he "genuinely" wants to have to sex with you and nothing else.

    • aww damn that sucks but thank you

    • You're welcome. He's just saying anything he can to get in your pants. Unless he goes out of his way to talk to you, plan activities with you, and what ever, he's not interested in anything but sex.


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  • maybe he's trying a new angle. give it some time.

  • I think you're being too nice! I'd expect to have to work hard to get back in a girl's good books if I pulled that crap. If he realizes he can't just pick you up and drop you he'll see your value. You should ask yourself whether or not you deserve to be treated like that anyway. Back in the day if a girl made a hookup without complications easy for me, I'd take it. These days I think you're either committed or you're not, everyone should know where they stand!

  • Do u show interest back and reciprocate to him?


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