Does this girl like me? should I try again?

I met this girl a few months ago. After talking occasionally for a few weeks I finally asked her out. She said yes. Cool

The next day she sends me this long text explaining how she was fresh out of an old relationship and, after sleeping on it, decided she was not as ready to start dating again as she thought. Goes on with how sorry she is, and upset that she couldn’t get herself sorted out. Its not bc she doesn’t want to, I really am a great guy, the 'long term' type, but she's just not there yet. I suggested something less date-y, no dice. ouch

This was like 4 months ago now. I still see her fairly regularly, still say hi, we’ll stop and talk for a little while, and it always goes well, just like before, all smiles and laughs. I want to ask this girl out again but don’t know if I should, or how to go about it. I think she likes me, but I don’t know anymore. Did she ever? Was she BS’ing me and just trying to be polite? She seemed sincere, and said yes originally, that’s gotta count for something right? Has enough time passed? Gotta admit, I’d feel kinda goofy asking her out again. Should I just not do anything? Let whatever happens happen? I’m all over the place on this..


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  • do it. the fact that she slept and probably still thinks about it. she does really want to date and the fact that you didn't make it awkward is amazing!! when she said yes first gives you an even bigger chance that she will say yes again. Us girls kind of freak out and go blank minded but we follow our hearts in the end. i think she just didn't want to get hurt. hope this helps!!


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  • Think about it!! What have you got to loose? GO FOR IT :)


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  • You would think it would... happened to me once. asked a girl out, she said yes, a couple days later, she decided she wasn't "ready" for a relationship. turns out that she had talked to her so-called friends and for some reason had judged me undateable. maybe because i didn't have a dating history idk. (pre-player days). i could still see she liked me but her friends were those ugly bitchy types that no one wants to approach so whenever she gets a bf they tend to convince her that he's something he's not.
    something changed 4 months ago, you can either find out what, or take another shot. If she says no on this final shot, wash your hands off.