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so i have known this guy for about two years now. i first met him in vegas through some friends but we never hung out alone. however, i recently had the opportunity to go to vegas and on my last day i finally had time to meet up with him. we talked for 4 hours before i had drive back to la. i realized we have the same taste in music. friends. sports. just about everything. he was very sweet and even said he would take me my first hockey game. then he came out here and we hung out again. also mentioned he is getting tickets for a concert in san francisco and i said i wanted to go which settled it. he said i was going with him no questions asked. the next night we went out with a mutual friend. there was some very subtle flirting. a hand touch or footsies nothing big. i realized slowly that i am attracted to him. the night after we went to the beach with some other mutual friends. and the flirting was way more obvious. hands around my waist. a wink here and there. some joking around. i took him to the airport and a long hug and goodbye. i decided to tell him how i feel once i knew he had landed. while he said he feels the same way. that there is something between us we didn't see coming. he also said he doesn't want to hurt me and would rather keep me as friends. that nothing has to change. that we are keeping our plans of hanging out together. that he's sorry it isn't the answer i was hoping for and he doesn't want it to be awkward between us. that he enjoys my company and has a blast when we're together. that he thinks im beautiful and smart. that if it turns out to be more than friends later we'll see how it goes but for now to keep it as friends. --- which really confuses me. we are highly compatible and want the same things out of life. our birthdays are 1 day apart. what does he mean really? can his feelings change? can this actually move forward eventually?


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  • Maybe he is worried about the distance, long distance relationship (I classify anything long if you have to get on a plane to see him) are not easy to maintain, I have tried this and it's not easy at all.

  • He sounds like he really likes u but doesn't trust himself with girls and will probably cheat or get bored. Or he is giving u the shake off in a nice way or he at least thinks he's being nice about it. It is a little confusing though as you both seemed to have clicked and there is definitely something there


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