Talking to a Marine. His only friend on snapchat is a girl? Am I overthinking?

He is 20, we've been talking for 2 weeks. He is on a ship right now so he doesn't always have service but when he gets it he texts me right then. We usually texts all days everyday & the most time he is quick to respond.

We met off a dating website (said he deleted the app), he wants something serious.

Wants to date, always questioning me if I'm talking to others, always tells me he likes me/interested in me, talks About how he's lucky & a future with me.

But, I noticed this girl that started following him almost a week ago is his only friend on snapchat (we don't snapchat really), I don't wanna ask him about it b/c I don't wanna seem crazy. Am I just being paranoid? I've been told Marines are more dedicated people. I trusted him, until I saw that. But he had service today barely & his snapchat only went up 2 points... Am I just overthinking?

He only has a brother!


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  • lol it does seem a little crazy to me but I don't get all that stuff you youngsters do anyways XP But tbh I doubt he is cheating on you (if it could be called that) all of our servicemen I've met are morally (at least when it comes to fidelity and things of that nature) very upstanding men. I wouldn't worry about it yet because y'all aren't even dating yet anyway...


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  • Quite honestly, he's probably "talking" and flirting with her as well. He's in the armed forces, meaning he doesn't come in contact with females that often, it's safe to assume he's flirting with her.

  • Probably his sister. I'm like that.

    Sounds like he likes you. Military guys are a noble breed :)


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  • That's what guys do, they keep their options open. Flirting!