Ever been surprised to find out someone had a crush on you and you were totally oblivious?

This is for both guys and girls.
Have you ever found out that someone you knew (e. g. coworker, classmate, neighbor, friend, whatever) had a secret crush on you that you were totally oblivious to? Like, they were into you for a while, but you had no idea and had not suspected? If so, I'm curious to know WHY you think you didn't suspect in the first place. How did they treat you or carry themselves around you to make you think that they didn't care romantically? I'm also interested to know what you did/how you reacted once you did find out about their crush on you.


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  • Yip ^_^
    my current girlfriend, was my tattooist for 5yrs.. we always joked and spoke about weird stuff, laughed sooooo much
    then a few months back, we sat around one night.. and she said she had fancied me for ages ^_^
    my little heart damn near exploded! As i felt the same.

    and so yeah, i would have never guessed though because in pretty blind to that kinda stuff.. For me to know someone likes me... they would have to say it and leave a postick note on my head saying it


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  • There was one girl who i had a crush on her best friend and she knew. We always Sat next to each other in every lesson and we would always Mess around and tease eachother. People would always ask if we were dating but i saw her as the equivalent of my male friends. I only found out she liked me after we had left school. She was a good looking girl but was also very tom boyish which Is probably why i had no feelings for her


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  • Yeah... my best guy friend :P In high school I did not realize he fancied me. I thought he was just friendly towards me and seeing as he never asked out about my dating life or never talked about romantic things to me I sort of assumed he wasn't interested. Then I found out years later he crushed on me at that time but we've talked about romantic since eventually and he expressed to me that he can't wait to meet other girls when he comes to uni (we are going to live together next year) so it sounds like he's gotten over whatever crush he had on me. I don't sense romantic vibes and I've never given any off myself. He knows by now that we are best friends and only that :)