Does he have a crush on me?

I'm getting the feeling my history teacher likes me. What can be some signs?


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  • looking at you while teaching. smiling at you. staring at you. wanting to talk to you.

    • What if he talks to everyone, jokes with them etc. But when. It comes down to me he's nice but I've noticed this awkwardness between us. He's always looking at me and I've noticed we tried avoiding looking at each other, he's nice to me when he talks to me but I know we both feel this awkwardness between us. Oh, and he's a super young teacher.

    • I guess he's attracted to you ;)

    • Thanks for MHO ^_^ *^*

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  • I had a teacher hit on me in 10th and 11th grade. Pretty blatantly, after a while. I'd say, if your teacher (assuming its a guy) tries to talk to you between classes, after school, before school, etc. If, when talking with you, he stands with his shoulders 'square' to you (as opposed to moving around and looking around a doing anything other than focusing on you), touching his hands to his face while listening to you talk, staring directly at you eyes when talking and not breaking the gaze often, and a big sign is if he keeps glancing down to your mouth when the two of you are talking - and the more frequently and longer he stares at your lips, the more attracted he is to you. And a dead giveaway is what he says when its just the two of you, like after class or some such situation, - If HE continually turns the topic to relationship, dating, sex, ex-lovers, how much prettier girls are here than when he went to school, how pretty you are, how 'mature' you are for you age, how much you have in common, how it feels like he's known you forever, or how all the guys / boyfriends in this school are all jerks who don't deserve someone like you. Any of these Clearly happen, and you have a fig fat'Yes' as you answer.

    Good luck, Honey.

  • The question is do you like him?:D

    • He's handsome but nope not into him. Just find the entire situation weird. :p

    • Hahaha i can relate to it.. Just ignore him and if you feel uncomfortable just complain to the office.. There's this a teacher from one of the best universities in my country and he was accused of sexually harrassing a girl and later the teacher got fired ohh yayy that's what they should do to such stupidos :D

  • Lol probably not. Move on.

  • lol, no... Keep dreamin' there..

    • I will 😡😁👌👍😱☺️😚😍

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