Am I being unreasonable? Or?

Because it's a long distance thing we can only meet once a month he said he was planning on seeing me on the 22nd but now he can't because it's his friends birthday so he's going out with him , so the week after he said he's coming to see me , feel like he puts friends before me ! I don't mind but thought he wanted to see me , am I being unreasonable? We can't meet in December because we are busy with party's etc... He said he was skint this month but can afford to go out with his friend? And because he said he was skint I offered to help with fuel but now this has made me think differently :/ what do you think?


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  • And now you know why LDRs are generally a bad idea - most end up failing, which means they were ultimately a waste of time and a lot of effort and sacrifice.

    You COULD be dating someone local, who you could see all the time, and who you wouldn't have these kinds of issues with. Instead, you chose a LDR, and these issues always come with LDRs, so they're things you have to accept as part of the bargain - it's part of the sacrifice you have to learn to make if you hope for it to last.


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  • Yes I think you are a little bit. Guys tend to value friendships as much as relationships. As its his friend's birthday it must be an important event for him. He's meeting you the week after that so I think its fair.