I like (maybe even love) him but I can't get the other two out of my head. what do I do?

so i have had the biggest crush on this guy and he asked me out last week and i said yes but there are two guys i just can't stop thinking about or looking at. what do i do?


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  • take your pick. that's all you can do. or juggle them all until it blows up in your face. if anyone knows where that reference came from, cookies for you! or a celery stick :D

  • Yea ok... so if you like him then you wouldn't be thinking about him. and your not really into him that much if its two more guys in the situation... some wars were started over women so dont create a problem that you couldve stopped. I say stay with the guy you so called love because it would be easier for you then the other to you just started talking to


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