What is that type of girls?

What is type of this girls she smile and act friendly girl make signs to attract me to say hi at least but once I say hi they change to bad attitude one of them asked me what you want in bad way I feel very embarrassing I would say f u but it was public place and I'm not kind of man would make long argue with women so just left her I had this setuation about 6 time , in my mind I think the reason they make that bcoz some girls feel so high when reject handsome guy? Or what is that? its really strange and annoying


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  • I think it is a test. When that kind of girl says hi to you she wants to see if you'll ignore her or say hi back. It sounds to me like she gets turned off when yo say hi back because she's just immature and she wants a guy who will ignore her. But that's just me.

  • It's because some women are bitchy cunts. Ignore these horrible mistakes of nature and associate with nice, friendly women.