How do you ease into dating?

Like how do you get into it casually? I just don't wanna pop up and be like hi, I wanna date. -_- xD just curious. Help? Lol I've never dated before and I just wanna start so I can get used to it I guess


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  • You can say: "Hey, let's do [something] together this Friday!" Or, if you're walking down the street with him (or her), you can say: "Let's grab an ice cream!" But be careful. If he asks you whether you like to do something with him as a date, and you DO fancy him, tell him it is a date. Otherwise you will be friendzoned. P. S.: Most guys (if not all) love dates so don't worry about rejection.


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  • yes there is nothing on dating anyone
    it is just about to know about that person the whom you are going to meet him
    be calm and gentle and that will be fine

  • Typically the guy asks, so just throw around signs and if he likes you then you're all set


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