Have you dated a narcissist? Share your experience?

I dated a guy who I realized was a narcissist after the fact. It was awful. I had no value to him- I was just a piece of meat he could show to his friends.

He used me and was just trying to get physical. Really manipulative and terrible person. I'm still hurt and he made me feel awful.

He was talking to other girls behind my back and would even look at other women on our dates and say they were attractive. He told me everything I wanted to hear with actions that didn't match how much he claimed to care.

Have you dated a narcissist? What was your experience like?


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  • I've dated one... Like you said, I was just something for her to use for her own benefit. I was a sucker and planned/paid for a lot of expensive, extravagant dates. She dated other guys the whole time and would even tell me about the guys she was dating. She did a lot of other messed up stuff too that I've tried to forget about because it was so painful. Like your narcissist, she said she cared about me, but her actions were the farthest thing from caring.

    It was a learning experience for me. It's tempting to hang around in a relationship with someone who you're crazy about, but I learned that it's never worth it if that person doesn't care about you enough to treat you well (or commit to dating only you, for that matter).

    • We had similar experiences. I'm sorry you dealt with that. Narcissists are awful


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  • Nope, I don't wanna date myself.

  • I am the narcissist. I had a great time and I know she did too.


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