I've noticed he is trying to play games to me so I cancelled the date and I don't know what to say?

So things were going perfect until his friends tried dating me as well and it didn't work.. He is a sweetie than suddenly he becomes cold talking to me (texting) so I started doing the same and every time I did it back he would be a sweetie.. Then Yesterday we were supposed to go out so I wrote "Hey I'm sorry something came up tonight. I can't see you. We will try some other time. Have a good night" ... The reason is because suddenly he was like.. "Oh so if we go to this party I won't drive you home bc I wanna drink , so if you come you will have to spend the night " hm duh I'm not spending the night... So he started with this attitudes so I started to short answer and cut him... He said he likes me that he clicked with me (no I didn't sleep with him ) , he is a sweetie just for the past couple days he started with that and I know his friends influenced him.. So today and yesterday he answered that text I sent cancelling our date and his answers were "Hey wait what's goin on?" Followed by "I wanna see you :(" and since I didn't answer today he texted again " hey what happened last night?" And I honestly don't know what to answer... Bc the person who wrote the lame excuse text was my friend Travis haha but now I'm lost on what to answer/do bc I'm supposed to see him tomorrow..


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  • It could be a lot of things I hate it when women assume a guy is trying to play games. Maybe he is just busy or stressed or depressed. Its hard to remember the little things like pet names or see how something like not taking you home could be bad. He is probably just distracted and assumes you can take care without him. But when something really starts to go wrong like not texting for days he notices so Im guessing he likes you. My advice because I have been the guy here TALK TO HIM, its easy to assume you know why he is doing this or label it as games but chances are he is just distracted for some reason. Talk to him and ask him why he is seeming hot and cold, see if you can help him or maybe you guys need to work on something. Also tell him how you feel when he does it and try to see if you can find some ground rules to help. Maybe texting or calling more, more dates with you two alone. After that give it a few days and if talking didn't help weigh if you can be with someone who might be distant at times.

    • True the thing is he knows I can't drive yet (I'm from Brazil I'm getting a valid license in the USA ) ... And he is busy I know that but so am I... I got 3 jobs and I can find time for him , when someone really wants something they will find a way... But anyways I will try talking to him maybe he didn't realize hebis doing that

    • Trust me if life has taught me anything its that nothing is as simple or as concrete as a 100%. Its nice to say 'when someone really wants something they will find a way" but everyone and every situation is different. My ex fiance and I were probably the best relationship I have ever been in by far but between the long distance, both our depression, her unwillingness to move, living costs in her area after 2 years I ended it for both our sake. great girl last year because I acted a little distant at times. I still regret it. But I was going through a bad depression and from my perspective I was doing more then enough. I am dating a girl "kind of" right now who is amazing but during the school year she seems totally neglectful and it hurts me. But who knows he might be playing games just be careful with the situation and talk it out. Then think it out for whats best for you. Even if he isn't it still may not be the best spot for you. I hope everything out for you no matter what happens.

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  • just tell him you were busy and then act normal and go about your casual day and conversation with him.

  • I don't like game players, I like up front people. Say what you mean - mean what you say.


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