How can I help my girlfriend get off of dope?

I didn't know she was. a. prostitute when i offered her a ride but we talked for a bit and she said she wished she had a boyfriend that could help her! Things where great between us she stopped having sex. for money and became. a. drug runner! Til i went to jail she didn't know i was arrested. But wile i was locked up she began hanging with this old guy and her use became heavy! So i tried to keep a eye on her to keep her safe but then she began saying i was stalking her! I asked her if she wanted to get off the streets so i got a place for us but she has not come to find out where it is or find out anything! I just want to help her! A. L. as I'll call her is a sweet person but she's confused and i need advice on how to help her


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  • She has to hit rock bottom before she really wants out of that life. Some people never get out of it and drag everyone around them down with them. If she isn't making the effort to quit like say avoiding the people than bring her down, i don't think she's ready.


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    If she won't change, better move on before she takes you down with her.

  • Some people are lost and just cannot be helped.

  • Before you can help *her*, you have to help yourself: "Til i went to jail..."

    And, she has to *want* help. If she is in a druggie downward spiral, there isn't much you can do.