I'm really hurt. Should I wait for him to contact me or?

Been seeing someone exclusively for three months. When we are together, everything is great (2-3 times a week)... When we are apart I still want to feel connected so periodicly I will text, not really expecting a response but when he does respond it is open ended and it makes me smile, thinking we are about to talk... After I respknd back the convo typically goes no where. I called him today to which he ended up returning my call at 5 when I got off... Told him I would call him later and he said he would be happy to talk if he was up. I ended up calling, no answer, so I texted good night.

I wish he would just tell me good night. Like my day feels incomplete without telling him because he is the last thing on my mind. Does that make me crazy?

I wanted to spend the night Friday and get breakfast in the morning Saturday before the farmers market.,. Now I don't even feel like asking. I feel like such a annoying person when I text but he says I am not bothering him, I just don't get why he cannot close a convo and always leaves it open.

Should I wait for him to contact me?


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  • Everything is fine and dandy when you both are together, Justcurious, and this is a good sign that you and him are doing something right to keep this chemistry sizzling and sensational, no problems in Denmark. However, being apart, you both lead separate lives, different schedules and things are not always Hunky Dorey, for what it seems, on your end here.
    I am feeling when you are apart he wants his space. He doesn't want to feel he has to text or call or do anything like this with Obligation written al over it. And as frustrating as it may be, for I have gone through it myself in life, and with a guy like this one, he is most likely not a big fan of talking on the phone or pushing a button for texting neither.
    Send him one text a day. Let him reply if he feels like it. I agree with you he should have the common decency to return it but with some guys, a label of Official is usually written all over each one that is sent. And with you spending 2-3 days as a couple a week, this is ample time to nurse and nurture this relationship. He obviously is into you, may even want more down the road, but for now, he is comfortable with what he has with you.
    Yes, he should of written a good nite at least last nite. This is showing me and it should be showing you that he can be thoughtless. He has flaws but then don't many of today's toms?
    For now, as long as he doesn't Abuse your kindness or put you on his pay no mind list all the time, you are still in there and going strong.
    As far as tomorrow, just simply suggest what you may want to do. I am sure he will be all for it... sounds like fun... and if he does hymn and haw, tell him it means a lot to you and next time you both can do something he wants to do... This is what I call Compromise. Perhaps it is time for you both to talk about This.
    Good luckxx


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  • No you sound like a perfectly normal person who is just falling for someone a bit faster then they are falling for you. It happens ALL the time and is perfectly normal. We all move at different speeds at different times with different people. Just slow down to his pace and take up a hobby to keep you busy. If after a month or two he isn't starting to show a little more speed talk with him about where things and going and make a call.


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  • I have some problem as you when it comes to men i get attached emotionally to quickly. The best thing to do that i no works is only respond to his msgs, leave it 4days if you ain't heard from him in that time before contacting him. You need to get back in control of this relationship cause men know when a girl is hooked on them and they tend to use that for the own benefit. Its hard not communicating with someone you like but it can be done just think of the achievement at the end of it

  • You are not crazy, just a little bit needy / clingy. Yes u should wait for him to initiate and don't obsess so much, just get on with your own life and he will probably miss u and contact u

    • It's just kills me how other men will text me throughout the day and engage in thoughtful convo but my man won't...

      I guess that could be true though, needy... I just hate when he text a question or starts a convo and never responds after I answer. It kills me. I am just going to wait then... Obviously I am impatient but I will try.

    • Your welcome. People can sense neediness and it'd a turn off. The best way to let go of worrying about him is to keep busy and do something that aborbs your interest then u won't even be thinking about whether he's texted u or not :)

  • Some men are just bad at communicating and he dont realize what they are doing, ithers are annoyed by this stuff in general but are smart enough to know the right answer is we aren't bugging them or yeah you could be coming across as needy. Either way dont call or text and see what happens I dated a guy that was like this didn't call or text for 24 hours and found him standing at my front door freaking the hell out, he just kinda took it for granted and didn't realize him not answering me or actually engaging in a real conversation occasiinally annoyed me. You need to keeo in mind not every text is going to turn into a real conversation even if he does give an open ended response. As far as saying goodnight, go ahead and do it even if he doesn't answer. I was with the guy i mentioned off and on for 2 years I trxt him goodnight his name every single night during that time unless we werent speakingsometimes he answered sometimes he didn't but he told me near the end of the relationship those nightly text meant a lot to him that it showed him i was home, safe and that everything would be ok between us. For us it was just one of those little things. If all else fails talk to your man tell him how you feel and see if you can come to a common ground where you feel connected and he isn't annoyed.